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Thursday, 7 September 2017

My awesome speech

What Dads can be like.
Ok let's start this off with the best joke ever “Why didn't,the chicken cross the road”because it couldn't be bothered to.

Now first of all i think you all know what it's like to have a Dad that just tries to do his jokes “It's just awful” especially their farts. 
For an example say you're on a car trip and your Dads in front of you and he manages to let it rip,when you are all inside the car.
It's like they just drop the bass or something?
 so now You would be stuck with the smell of an onion bomb. 
And the thing is the smell always gets worse and worse and worse
Then after that drama they always blame it on someone else, “oooh Simone was that you!” but the funny thing is that they never get away with. We know very well who it was. 
Only Dad's farts are that bad.

Ok enough of that now let's talk about when Dads do their jokes  “their awful jokes”
This is only one of the times when my dad said “knock knock” “who's there?
“Doctor” “doctor who? how did you know?  And he uses that same joke over and over and over. 

Once, he said “why did the chicken cross the Road” and I said to meet his flatmate” and he said no so he said “to go to KFC.
So I just said that is a really bad joke Dad.

So Dad and I were just chillin and I said to Him “Dad can I build something with you because you're not busy

“yes what do you want to make Harry”

I want to make a go cart. 
Sure thing.
so we got the tools made a plan and got ready.
So I was just casually banging the nail into the wood and then I had one last nail left and I messed it up. Dad got a little bit annoyed so I thought of a way to solve the problem.
so I said to Dad I nailed that it didn't I and Dad laughed his head off.

once Dad and I were having a brEak, some eggs on toast and a smoothie 
5 minutes later Mum came home from work and just when Mum walked in the kitchen... Dad managed to let it rip, that just stinks Dad I don't want to build that go kart now because I'm scared that your bottom might burp again!
The thing is about when somebody pulls off a lot of gas we definitely know it will be Dad.
So since you all know what Dads can be like when they fart or do their awful,horrendous and kinda funny jokes that is exactly what my Dad is like I mean exactly the same.
Oh,and know wonder why my Dad didn't make the army because he dropped off way too many bombs.
The End.
By Harry OLoughlin:)

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  1. Wow! Your Dad sounds very smelly. Great writing Harry - excellent start, middle and ending.