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Sunday, 2 July 2017

science journal 6

Science journal 6 By Ollie and Harry
This week we are learning about flipping frogs, slingshot rockets and projectile launches.

What are flipping frogs:
They are something that you can make out of little pieces of cardboard or big pieces of cardboard. Second step, you get two paper clips, one rubber band, some cardboard, scissors and some tape.
Well Jonty and I made a flipping frog that has four paper clips and two rubber bands because we wanted to see what would happen but in the end it didn't work but it was still a good experiment.

What are slingshot rocket:
Slingshots are something that you can play with when you are sometimes bored.  What they actually are is something that are made out of some straw, some coloured paper or ordinary paper, one paper clip, glue tack, rubber band and a popsicle stick.
What you do with it? Is you can change it if you like but I would probably only change the wings so it can fly straighter than before.
What it does is you pull it back and it will fire about 10 to 15 meters because the rubber band is really strong if you tape it well.  

Projectile launcher: We figured that if we put the projectile launcher at an angle of 45° it would go the furthest because it's halfway between straight and straight up and any higher will fall down quicker because what goes up must come down!  

Slingshot rocket: The slingshot rockets will go further if you take off the feather papers at the bottom but will go straighter if you keep them on. I think this is because it doesn't have as much stuff interfering the aerodynamic flow. And if it still have them of them on then it will stabilise the arrow and will fly straighter.

The flipping frogs will go higher if the rubber band is tighter, we think this because it will get more power if is straining to much but too much will rip it! So the challenge in this is getting the right amount of strain.


  1. I love how you used strong words

  2. Great job on how you described it! I really liked it :)

  3. This is really good writing and it has really great language.