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Monday, 27 March 2017

I am poem

I am a Toyota because I call our toi ora groups toyota groups, every metre I go every idea I get.

I am twin towers because there is a strong relation ship and I am standing tall next to someone.

I am tree shooting up with ideas.

I am a apple because I'm crunching my way through learning.

I am  cheeze burger because sometimes,I go really crazy!

I am shoes because I need to always be ready for running.👍

Ko Harry Ahau


  1. Nice Harry I like how you said you stand tall with somebody. I also like the sentence when you said you are shoes and are ready for running. Another cool sentence was you are a tree shooting up with ideas your growing and thinking. I could connect to this writting when I said in mine that I am the twin towers and I also said that I am a cheese burger going crazy!

  2. Harry,
    This is a awesome peice of writing! ��
    I love the line when you say "I am a Toyota because I call our too ora groups toyota groups every metre I go I get a idea."
    This is a awesome way to show you are good at learning. Keep writing.